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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

You make me smile

All the while

From the very start

You stole snippets of my heart

You don't give them back

You just watch them stack

Till the pile is so high

It surpasses the sky

I'm down here treading

We make a mess of your bedding

You love me you fuck me

Tenderly undress me

You kiss the tears you have caused

Restart my heart cuz it's paused

Missing so many beats

As we roll in the sheets

You text me in the day

Lol my worries away

Then you say something stupid

And I start cursing Cupid

I learn the color green

After what I have seen

You are my lover my friend

Sometimes we pretend

That what we have is ok

There's nothing to say

When your mouth is on mine

Your tongue feels so fine

Shhhhhhh don't say another word

What we have is absurd

It exists and it doesn't

It was and it wasn't

All I know is this captivity.

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