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The Mistress

The Mistress is a Venus. She is a sex goddess, gold and beautiful and regal. She is strong and nothing affects her. She will tell you to fuck her, whenever, wherever, however. She will tell you to put it where others won’t allow. She will laugh, she will tease, she will play. You won’t remember your responsibilities when you’re with her. She exists in a world of sex, drugs and music. She is both above you and yet attainable. She will not remind you of anything other than freedom and mystery. You are her hero, in her eyes, you are the prize. She will blow your mind with her spontaneity. She will blow you. She will be there when you are available to her. She never has any other lovers. She will be loyal to you. Her web is shimmering, and captivating, you want to be caught up in it. She will bind you to her bed with her silvery thread. You are a willing prisoner. She always smells so good, it’s intoxicating. She makes you drunk with her kisses. You cannot get her out of your mind. There’s only one way to do that and shatter the illusion...

Notice that she’s fallen in love with you.

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