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Well, We Were Gonna Do Salad but...🤷🏽‍♀️

Sushi Lunch Special at Kobe

So today was definitely a treat! Thankfully the bestie had the day off, so we were able to go and have lunch at one of our favorite spots! We started out thinking we would go have salad and tea at one of the most organic places around, but then crumbled when we discussed the Kobe lunch special. We are both suckers for their sushi, so we decided to just do salad another time. Haa.

Kobe has this amazing lunch special. You get an appetizer of either spring rolls (2) or edamame, and your choice of a skewer of either shrimp, beef, or chicken. Then you get unlimited sushi. (I dislike the term "all you can eat" when it comes to sushi because it evokes the thought of poor quality, soggy ripe tasting morsels, and this is DEFINITELY not that.) They make the same rolls for lunch that are on the dinner menu, so it really is a treat at $16.

The spring rolls are nothing amazing, but they are still tasty and crisp. The skewer with beef is actually very good, the meat is tender and flavorful. Today I got the shrimp and in hindsight wished I had chosen the beef, but either way, it was the perfect amount of everything. Obviously the appetizers are great but you're really going for the sushi.

If you go and check this place out, the rolls I recommend are the Green Tea, Pink Lady, Spicy Girl, and the Plymouth Roll. They are fresh tasting with flavors that compliment each other and are pleasing to the eye. My daughter loves the BMW because it's got a crunchy batter around the outside, spicy tuna on the inside, and is drizzled with a sweet eel sauce. It's basically crack sushi.

My friend is delicate. But here is me after the meal. 🙄

That's a soy sauce stain. On my favorite go to zip up.

Anyway, try this place out for lunch sometime, I am pretty confident you'll enjoy it and I'm sure your wallet will thank you!

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