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Sometimes I Give In...

Ok so those are images from Pinterest. My bacon actually DOES look like that, but... it's bacon so we ate it before I thought of taking a photo of it. My hash browns do not look the stock photo, but I feel like they taste as good as the picture looks. The omelettes at my place are the best in the world, so I'm sure mine look like that photo.

Let me start by saying that we do not do this every day, or even every week. I do feel that sometimes it's necessary to allow yourself to love the flavors that these foods give off. It's a Saturday tradition with us to eat something yummy in the mornings. We are then kind of set for the day. It also is a way to bring us together for a rare morning meal experience together. Not gonna lie- often we leave the table stuffed & a bit lazy feeling.

The trick to great bacon is not rushing it. Go slow! Whether you like your bacon crispy or soft, going slow gives it time to cook properly & ensures that you're not going to burn it. That's another thing I've discovered- the right temp is necessary! My bacon cooks at a titch over medium but definitely not in the neighborhood of medium high. I flip it numerous times. I like it to brown evenly! When it's finished, I always soak up any left over grease with paper towels & set it aside.

I have a fabulous pan, which is another trick of a fabulous breakfast. I use this frying pan for everything. I'm sure you have your favorites, & since I'm in the market for another "favorite" pan, feel free to let me know what you're using & why you like it. I do not own an expensive one right now, I got it at Target years ago. The bottom of my pan says "Optimal Technology" & "T-Fal." That's all I know about it, that, & I need another pan so I'm not cooking things in "shifts."

The reason my eggs come out perfect every single time, is the combo of this pan of mine & preheating the pan to the perfect temperature. Once again, I find that a titch over medium is perfect. Once it's hot again, I use coconut oil, but olive oil is my second favorite oil to use. Not a lot, but a quick little drizzle. I pour my eggs in and the magic happens. Using a wide spatula is helpful when flipping. Add your ingredients and voila- perfection! (I do saute my onions/mushrooms/peppers/spinach or whatever else I'm in the mood for prior to adding.)

Basically this breakfast is probably going to keep tummies full until much later in the day because it's packed with protein. The hash browns are kind of a fluff addition, but so tasty. Wash it down with your morning cup of java & you're good to go about your day! What are your favorite Saturday morning traditions? Please share with me! Having a tradition is tradition - changing it up is perfectly fine!

Buenos Diaz mi amigos y difrutas la comida del dia

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