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Sarita Vargas

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Sarita Vargas was born in Odessa, Texas, but has lived most of her life in Minnesota. Her love of writing started at an early age, and that love continued into adult life. Her dream of becoming an author is now a reality with the creation of her first book:

Aria of a Brown Girl

Sarita resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Devante, her daughter Brianna, & their fur-babies: Sundae & Paco.

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Author photo edited by: Kristen Aronen, Infinity Photography by Kristen

Reviews for
Aria of a Brown Girl

"Sarita’s book will make you laugh, cry, and feel all the things. Her journey is one many of us can relate to as we go from childhood to adults on one level or another. Aria of a Brown Girl is a captivating read that you will not want to put down!"

~L. K. (Amazon)

"Aria of a Brown Girl is a beautiful yet heart-wrenching read. It had me hooked from the very beginning, and I read it in one weekend. The writer is brave and vulnerable, defiant and yet approachable all at the same time. As I read this book, I found myself recalling moments in my own life that mirrored hers. I highly recommend this book to anyone going through any kind of trauma, because maybe it will inspire even one person to get the help they need."

~ Kelsey R (Barnes & Noble)

"Just read Aria of a Brown Girl and was literally unable to put it down until the last page! I highly recommend this read, especially if you are interested in true stories. Sarita takes us places with her in this book, and brings us along as she experiences the life that made her who she is today. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be angry (on her behalf) and you will find your inner strength as well. This is a brave tale, told by a brave woman."

~Jenny L

The Latest News


Book Signing coming to a town near you! Read more HERE.

Book #2 in the works! Yes, I am currently researching and character designing for my second book. Read more HERE.

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