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Christmas Lights
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Thank you so much for attending our annual Holiday Gathering! 

Extra Special Thanks to:
Denny & Kristen: supplying the farm fresh eggs for the deviled eggs, came early & helped decorate, brought the Poker accessories!
Melissa: did the Target run and picked up extra things we needed to serve you better!   Came early& helped decorate! Scooped the ice cream, kept an eye on food replenishment!
Marlo: Came early & helped decorate, ran back to the apartment more than once when I forgot things, kept an eye on food replenishment. 
Bri: took the day off of work to be your bartender, helped set up & hopefully got you buzzed.
Téa: Helped Bri behind the bar and overall wherever extra hands were needed.
Anthony, Ameen, Sean: Arrived early and helped set up this & that, kept an eye on the door.
Here are some pics from the evening!


Fine Jewelry Display
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